Friday, April 22, 2011

First Impressions - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

First Impressions - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Although I did say that I would play a game for six hours before creating a First Impressions writeup about it, I think I will have to offer some leeway for shooters, as, on average, six hours would encompass the majority of their single player campaigns.

Anyhow, one thing I am definitely loving at the moment is the manner in which cutscenes are presented. As you'd know if you've played the game, there are no "cutscenes" as such - all the cutscene-esque action is played out in real time; similar to Half-Life 2. The musical score is also fairly decent.

While these elements are good, I don't believe that this game is as perfect as people like to make out it is. My biggest complaints so far are a lack of enemy and weapon variety. Regarding weapons, there are quite a lot of them, however, at least so far they all seem to play virtually the same. In regards to enemies, I've found that you are mostly fighting the same enemy over and over once you start a new level. This was particularly annoying in the mission where you have to rescue the Russian informant, in which the enemies look so similar to my own men, that I ended pointing my crosshair at my squad members on numerous occasions.

Consequently, the game is sitting on a B- for now, however please take note of the fact that I have not really explored the online components yet, so that will hopefully bump up the current score a bit

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